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 Amaru Gourmet

Peruvian Gourmet & Fusion Cuisine

Our restaurant stands out with our unique and elegant touch - a "Pinch of LOVE" - that transforms every dish into a masterpiece.

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Your Perfect Destination for Any Occasion

Experience the perfect blend of Peruvian flavors and trendy ambiance at Amaru Gourmet. Our restaurant is an ideal venue for food lovers, offering a unique and memorable dining experience.


580 Canal Street
Brattleboro, VT 05301

Opening Hours

Mon - Close
Tuesday - Thursday -  12pm - 3pm  5pm - 9.00pm
Friday & Saturday -     5pm - 9pm 

Sunday Brunch -          11am -

( next brunch June 16)


Chef's Specialties

Indulge your taste senses with our chef's specialties, boasting the finest Vermont-local ingredients in dishes inspired by Peruvian flavors.

"Stress-Free Dining: Walk-In and Indulge yourself Without Booking Ahead!"

"Join us at our restaurant, where we invite you to enjoy our delicious dishes at your convenience. With seating for 250 guests both indoors and on our charming patio, there's always a place for you at our table. Reservations are not required, so come by anytime during our operating hours and savor a memorable dining experience with us."

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What Our Diners Say About Us

“Amaru Gourmet exceeded my expectations with their exceptional cuisine and impeccable service. A must-visit for food enthusiasts!”

Samantha Cruz

“The dining experience at Amaru Gourmet was truly outstanding. The flavors, presentation, and ambiance were beyond compare. I highly recommend it to all food lovers.”

Maxwell Patel

“Amaru Gourmet sets the bar high for gourmet fusion cuisine. Every dish is a work of art, and the staff's attention to detail is remarkable.”

Olivia Hughes

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